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Roderick Pope

Script/Show Writer

Experience Designer

Let Me Tell You a Story...

I love stories. They're one of the few things that bind the world together and have lasted since the dawn of man. I grew up with stories, from listening to my mom reading me books aloud, my dad regaling me with tales of his youth, and watching the latest gripping episodes of Saturday morning cartoons. I grew up with stories, and when deciding upon a career path to pursue, I wanted to bring stories to life.

As a creative writer with a passion for immersive storytelling, my goal is to create stories that resonate with audiences. No matter the project, I strive to bring originality to every story.

I recently moved to Orlando to pursue a Master of Science for Architecture of Studies with a concentration in Themed Environments Integration at the University of Florida City-Lab. 

When I'm not writing, I love exploring my local area through running, wandering the various theme parks littered across central Florida, or watching re-runs of M*A*S*H!

I am currently seeking an internship that'll allow me to bring stories to life!



Thank you for reviewing my website. Let's create something together.

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