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Three Presidents

George Washington looks over his country, disturbed and disheartened by its path forward. Only able to see negativity, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt try to alter his perspective with theirs.

EPCOT Center

The Parks and Recreation gang go to EPCOT Center to gather ideas for the upcoming Harvest Festival. Set between Seasons 2 & 3!


Nox's Supernatural Menagerie

As innocent museum venturers, your fascination with the supernatural has led you to Nox’s Supernatural Menagerie. Unaware of the mystery swirling within, you discover the museum transports you to different haunting destinations across the country. Spirits come alive and narrate their experience while alluding to the mysterious owner of the museum. Curious of the origins of his involvement, guests investigate clues scattered across the museum, in attempts to discover the history behind  the spirit, Nox.

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