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Themed Entertainment Stories

Original Story Ideas for Themed Entertainment Attractions


Nox's Supernatural Menagerie

April 2022

As guests interested in the supernatural, your desire to learn and explore haunted locations has brought you to the Supernatural Menagerie. Shrouded in mystery, a figure calling himself Nox, offers you the task to discover who he is, but his offer isn’t as genuine as you’ve been led to believe; hoping to forever haunt his invited guests, including you. Wandering through the haunted vessel, the Queen Mary, the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary, and the mysterious Winchester House, you learn the history of these locations through exhibits and spirits that once inhabited these domains. Ensure you listen to their words and heed their advice, for they are your key to discovering Nox’s treacherous plot.


Sorcerer's Keep

May 2022

Receiving an invitation to an old manor in the English countryside, guests witness the wonders of magic showcased by the former protégé of Merlin, Venarius, and his four apprentices, while trying to prevent their tour from being overtaken by the dark art of witchcraft.

Journey into this brand new attraction where guests are showcased the wonders of the ten schools of magic, and discover which magic calls to them. Will guests remain aligned with the light, or will their hearts succumb to the darkness?


The Return of Vlad the Impaler

Haunted Walkthrough Attraction

February, 2021

Deep within an ancient, decrypted castle, guests search through its mazelike corridors and dark caverns, uncovering century old secrets, while hoping to escape from Dracula, before he can use them to quench his thirst.

This is fun! Nice job! I really dig the world that you're painting here. The beats are at the perfect length and quickly convey your ideas. The photo references are very good and really capture this dark the Vlad/vampire vibe. - this is all really rad.

-Ted Dougherty Themed Entertainment Show Writer/Director


The House on Haunted Hill: the Afterparty

Haunted Walkthrough Attraction

March 2021

Accepting a mysterious and foreboding invitation to a party at the long-abandoned house on the edge of town, guests wander through petrifying rooms emitting despair, while encountering severed heads, hanging bodies, and blood-soaked ceilings, all while attempting to avoid the creatures lurking the halls of the House on Haunted Hill.

'This is very good. Nice work! All of the elements line up well for your version of House on Haunted Hill. Thank you for sharing your full scenes beyond the assignment - I appreciate that! Your reference photos are great! Thank you for your attention to detail.'

-Ted Dougherty Themed Entertainment Show Writer/Director


Escape From the Rock of Cashel

Haunted Walkthrough Attraction

May 2021

Poising as innocent tourists, your desire to explore the many castles of Ireland has brought you to the Rock of Castel. Its rich history has drawn you in, but a mischievous creature from Irish folklore intends to trap you within. The pooka, a shape-changing creature bringing bad luck to those who cross their path, has his sights set on you and unfortunately, you’ve entered its home. Wandering through dark corridors, the pooka chases you in attempts to catch you and feed you to its master, the devil himself, Satan. Trust only those in your party and don’t be fooled by this shape-shifting creature, and you may escape alive. 

The legend of the Irish goblin begins anew in this terrifying new walk-through attraction, Escape from the Rock of Cashel. Fall for his tricks, and your short trip extends for eternity.


E.N.I.G.M.A. Escape Room

December 2021

Welcome recruits, to E.N.I.G.M.A.: Espionage Network Investigating Global Malicious Agendas. Here we investigate individuals around the world, preventing incidents threatening small groups and large populations. As recruits you'll be sent to different locations around the world, to prevent cataclysmic destruction.


The Travels of Archimedes

December 2021

Welcome Explorers!

Before you, lies the trunk of Archimedes that accompanied him on his many travels throughout the known world. Archimedes, a name sparking intrigue and praise for ingenious inventions, exiled himself from the world, fearing his inventions would be used for description.

Now, 2,000 years later, we’ve discovered clues and puzzles left behind for you to solve. Using the letters he wrote to his friends in Greece, assemble pieces of a map to find the hidden clues within. Now use these clues to find the lost artifacts to restore the light in the land and ensure hope to the people. Remember my friend, together we can move the earth.


The Battle of Trident: Parade Float

February 2022

Calm waters clash with stormy seas as Neptune and Ran, fight for control of Poseidon’s Trident, and with it, the sea. Who shall claim Poseidon’s Trident, the Roman god of the sea or the Norse personification of the storm.

The ocean has lost its king. Poseidon’s reign as King of the Deep has reached its end, leaving the ocean in shambles. Raging seas, massive tidal waves and erupting volcanoes plague the shores of man. Determining he is the worthy successor, Neptune claims Poseidon’s Trident for himself, but his claim is not without challenge. The Norse goddess, Ran, notorious for the destruction of ships, challenges Neptune for control of the trident. Will calm waters prosper, or will they be overwhelmed by stormy seas?

My contributions included Story and Music Development. Huge thank you to David Bemus for his help on this project.

2nd Place at TEA@Florida's Design Competition

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