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For my Design and Documentation class, we were tasked to create an attraction, and from that attraction a scope of work. Wanting to delve into new territory, myself and my fellow group mates, Katie Slinkosky and Natalia Barreto, decided to create a museum accompanied by a theatrical experience.

We created an ominous and mysterious theatrical experience where guests observe the story at their leiger, while wandering aimlessly through darkened hallways, mazelike corridors, grand ballrooms and an abandoned cellblock. Guests are encouraged to learn about various hauntings through exhibits and character interactions and be entertained with a fictional story along the way.

Museums are an ever-evolving landscape, trying to adhere to society's reliance and vested interest in entertainment, social media, and incorporating one-self into an experience. Nox's Supernatural Menagerie incorporates all three of these criteria into a one-of-a-kind, must-see experience, that guests will pay to experience multiple times.

A vertical experience with a singular storyline manifesting into various strands scattered throughout the space, guests will never know what to expect within Nox's Supernatural Menagerie. Whether they're boarding the passenger vessel, the Queen Mary, wandering the mysterious and puzzling halls of the Winchester House, or witnessing the brutality and severity within the Eastern State Penitentiary, guests learn the history and hauntings of these maniacal manifestations, while experiencing the multi-layered story to discover the answer to the question: who is Nox?


Since its first settlers, myths and haunted locations have plagued the American landscape. From the Goatman in Maryland and the Annabelle doll in Connecticut, to the Island of Dolls in Mexico and the creepy Clown Motel in Nevada, each was the responsibility of a singular entity: Nox. Materializing in 1692, Nox took on his first persona, a reverend in the New World town of Salem, Samuel Parris. Posing as the innocent reverend, Reverend Parris haunted numerous individuals to the point of insanity. Being driven mad, residents came forth and confessed falsely, of their involvement with witchcraft, and later, sentenced to death. For the next 330 years, Nox adopted many personas to keep his true identity unknown, posing as the Candy Lady, Walking Sam, Corpsey and more supernatural entities, but now, he welcomes guests to his Supernatural Menagerie and tasks them with answering one question: who is Nox?


Below you will find the various documents I created or contributed too. The script details the experience through the guests' perspective, our Scope of Work, and Character Descriptions.


Pieces of My Career

Menagerie Character Descriptions

These are the initial character descriptions I drafted before adding more later in the project's development.

Supernatural Menagerie Beat List

During the blue sky phase of our project, I created a beat list to best portray the scenes and their order in the experience. While our experience evolved over time, many of its core elements are present in the beat list.

Menagerie Scope of Work

For our assignment, we needed to design a Scope of Work and behind the leadership of Katie Slinkosky, our team created a scope of work detailing the Narrative Scope and Facilities Scope.

Nox's Supernatural Menagerie Script

For our experience, I wrote a script from the guests' perspective as they journey through our experience.

I'd like to thank Katie Slinkosky and Natalia Baretto for their contributions to this project.

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